Socially Unsocial

socially unsocial

Last week one of my cousins aged 15 years deleted a comment I made on her Facebook account about her new hairstyle. She told me that when I comment on her FB photos, it makes her look stupid in front of her friends. I was hurt, I can’t lie … and maybe a little shocked because we have a great bond. It’s not like my comment was negative. Immediately, my red flags went up and I went into investigator mode, paying even closer attention to what was happening around us. I quickly learnt that knowingly or unknowingly social media is a dividing line between us. Not only is social media central to their self-image, it is a cauldron of code words and secret lingo by which most of us are surrounded. This obsession to accumulate more “Likes” is adding so much pressure on us. Nearly 60% of us seeing pictures of other people living glamorous looking lives on social media makes us feel bad about ourselves.

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