Relevance of Content in Digital Marketing

In this cutting edge era of technology, we can get everything on internet. Offline marketing is now becoming history as now we can get news, book tickets, view movies, play games and everything on internet or on our mobile phone. When we talk about digital media or digital marketing, content is the essence and everything for it.

Words are the strongest weapon in the world, Chosen wisely can make you or else can break you.


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About Me

Who am I? : I’m Vishal Agarwal, an amateur photographer, avid traveller, trekker, web surfer and explorer. I love travelling to different places, meet new people, make friends and socialize.

Love to learn and have two degrees: B.Tech from Vivekananda Institute of Technology, Jaipur (VIT) in Information Technology (IT) and post-Graduation i.e. MBA in Marketing and finance from ICFAI university (IBS, Mumbai).

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Socially Unsocial

socially unsocial

Last week one of my cousins aged 15 years deleted a comment I made on her Facebook account about her new hairstyle. She told me that when I comment on her FB photos, it makes her look stupid in front of her friends. I was hurt, I can’t lie … and maybe a little shocked because we have a great bond. It’s not like my comment was negative. Immediately, my red flags went up and I went into investigator mode, paying even closer attention to what was happening around us. I quickly learnt that knowingly or unknowingly social media is a dividing line between us. Not only is social media central to their self-image, it is a cauldron of code words and secret lingo by which most of us are surrounded. This obsession to accumulate more “Likes” is adding so much pressure on us. Nearly 60% of us seeing pictures of other people living glamorous looking lives on social media makes us feel bad about ourselves.

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