Relevance of Content in Digital Marketing

In this cutting edge era of technology, we can get everything on internet. Offline marketing is now becoming history as now we can get news, book tickets, view movies, play games and everything on internet or on our mobile phone. When we talk about digital media or digital marketing, content is the essence and everything for it.

Words are the strongest weapon in the world, Chosen wisely can make you or else can break you.


By this online culture, generating traffic on the website is also becoming very difficult task for the marketers. For generating a good number of traffic on a website or a blog one needs a good content, which can be communicated to the clients, provide the required information of the products and services of the company. Creating positive value, providing relevant and consistent content to the clear defined audience and finally driving profitable customer actions is the fundamental goal for a marketer.

Site traffic or number of prospective customers depend on many things but the most important and effective thing is the content it is showing. Fundamentals lies in the content, many big websites, blogs, meetings, corporate presentations fail because they don’t have that magic of playing with words, playing with their content to show what actually they feel. Yes, making such a content which touched everybody’s heart honestly need skills and creativity which is not everyone’s cup of tea.


Surely we all have experienced how taking selfies have become a trend in our society. Initially started by someone and then adopted and multiplied by all of us. These days we take selfies anytime anywhere. Content should also be like that only, it should spread and propagate in everyone’s mind, so they can remember the product and services, any time whether they need it or not.

Creating a content which touches everyone’s heart is not at an easy task. Even getting 3 digit views and 2 digit likes, shares or comments become a very difficult task for someone who just has entered into the world of content writing. Of course social media platforms like facebook, twitterinstagram, whatsapp help us in spreading our message but that too won’t help us more if the content is not worth. While we have seen in many cases that a good content writer also don’t get that much of attention for which they are capable of. The reason for such negligence is not taking care of some factors.

Uniquely emotional: Content should be unique. It should not be vague but such that it triggers the mental emotions of reader which make them share and spread the word on behalf of you. It can be sense of humour, happiness, sympathy, knowledge or anything which can create the magic.

Positivity: Accept it, we all love to see happy endings, no one in this world likes to see Prince get killed and villain win the Princess. Positivity is the key factor which should be there in the content, which helps in bonding the readers with your creativity.

Practicality: Today everyone is busy in their own life and believe me no one has the time to read the shit. Content should be meaningful and practically helpful to the readers. It helps in making the buzz and creating virality of content all over the web.


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