Socially Unsocial

socially unsocial

Last week one of my cousins aged 15 years deleted a comment I made on her Facebook account about her new hairstyle. She told me that when I comment on her FB photos, it makes her look stupid in front of her friends. I was hurt, I can’t lie … and maybe a little shocked because we have a great bond. It’s not like my comment was negative. Immediately, my red flags went up and I went into investigator mode, paying even closer attention to what was happening around us. I quickly learnt that knowingly or unknowingly social media is a dividing line between us. Not only is social media central to their self-image, it is a cauldron of code words and secret lingo by which most of us are surrounded. This obsession to accumulate more “Likes” is adding so much pressure on us. Nearly 60% of us seeing pictures of other people living glamorous looking lives on social media makes us feel bad about ourselves.

Yesterday also when I was checking my Facebook account, I realize that I got too many friends, friends from school, grad college, PG college, some from the place I live, some relatives and also yes some whom I never met in person or never talked too but they are my friends here and the same story goes with my Instagram, Pinterest and snapchat account. We are so much involved in this virtual world that we have forgotten to connect with each other in person and also how to talk and behave and this is not only my story but this is happening with all of us these days.


Social media is so much on our nerves & we are so addicted that we forget to play, enjoy, have fun and the most important to live in the moments, those chai and Parle G moments at the roadside thadi has now become a big task for us. In fact, whenever we meet in any social gathering all of us are busy on our mobiles and not even looking at each other. I remember in my childhood days playing pakdam pakdi, langadi tang and gali cricket were the most astonishing things to do and today children don’t get time off from mobiles, laptops and other gadgets. Now people are limited to followers, following, tweeting, socializing is calculated on the basis of likes, comments and share, more the number more you are socialized. We forget to explore the world, travel around the places even the curiosity of a child is getting vanished.

Socially Unsocial

It’s not like I’m totally against it, I love social media technology, and I think it’s great that we have access to endless amounts of information and culture. Yes it has made our life simple, easy and comfortable but everything in our society comes with a price and here it comes with the most important thing in our life i.e. our valuable time and relationships. We have to get the social media maturity, maturity to handle these things carefully and form a line, so that these thing don’t get on our nerves and we proportionate a limited time which does not affect our real world friends and life.


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